Appealing eye-catcher, consultation point and meeting place.

CrossWorxs offers innumerable possibilities with its building blocks and serves as a link between the areas of collaboration, concentration and communication.

From a range of reception counters and matching seating elements for the waiting zone, to service, meeting or coffee points, to technically equipped consultation areas, CrossWorxs allows you to create various meeting places. In situations where there is not enough space for a spacious lounge, CrossWorxs offers great possibilities even in a small space. For short meetings or the spontaneous exchange of information, it is the ideal meeting place and at the same time an attractive eye-catcher in any office landscape.


Product information


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Product information

Counter design

  • Modular system for high-quality counter solutions
  • Counter with NeoTex front, acoustically effective
  • Choice of curved and straight elements allows for a variety of configurations
  • Counters are completed with table combinations from the CenFormX system
  • Option: LED light strip in the counter cover plate

Counter dimensions

  • Height: 1060 mm
  • Counter element with end panel on both sides
    Width outside/inside: 
    1440/1200 | 1640/1400 | 1840/1600
  • Counter element with end element on left or right
    Outside width/inside width: 920/800 | 1120/1000 
    1320/1200 |1520/1400 | 1720/1600
  • Intermediate element straight
    Width: 800 | 1000 | 1200 | 1400 | 1600 
  • Intermediate element rounded
    Angle: 90° | 120° | 135°

Please contact us for further configurations.