Flexible solutions for a changeable, individual working environment.

The classic office is increasingly changing into a place of social interaction, social bonding and a constructive working atmosphere due to digital possibilities and new work cultures. Employees look for their optimal environment depending on their activity - concentrated work, teamwork or informal communication.

With our products, we have the ideal modular system for flexibly structuring office space and smoothly switching between different forms of work.

The transformable office

The working world of the future

The healthy office

The office connects people and creates a sense of personal identification with the company.

The transformable office

The new understanding of work is creating challenges and opportunities.

As a manufacturer of office furnishings, we are constantly dealing with the change in work culture. During the pandemic, we all learned that digital meetings can be good alternatives to travel and that home offices also have their advantages. This means that the demands on the work environment are changing and the role of the office is being readdressed in organisations. On the one hand, the office is becoming a place of communication where people work together with their colleagues and, on the other hand, a place of concentration at optimally equipped, undisturbed workplaces.

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The working world of the future


As a tranquil counterpart to places dedicated to communication, there is a growing need for areas for focused, undisturbed work in the office. Acoustically secluded rooms are available for undisturbed telephone calls or video conferences as well as for confidential conversations and concentrated work. Depending on the task and situation, employees flexibly choose visually and acoustically shielded workplaces in order to work undisturbed. Employees who are not undisturbed in the home office find the best conditions for concentrated work in the office.


Due to increased work at home and predominantly digital communication, the need for personal collaboration in the office is growing. The importance of collaborative spaces of various types and formats is on the rise. Project rooms in which teams can focus on working together temporarily, flexible meet-up areas, workshop rooms or even classic conference rooms offer employees the ideal work environment.


The office of the future brings people together. In addition to focused, efficient work, informal exchange and social interaction are important factors for the emergence of new ideas and solutions and increase the well-being of employees in the office. Inviting areas in centre zones and reception allow for spontaneous conversations or working in an inspiring atmosphere.

The healthy office

Together in the office – balanced and motivated.

The basic prerequisite for the economic success of a company is the health and well-being of its employees. Because only healthy, motivated employees develop their potential and bring companies forward in the long term. With a working environment that demands movement, concentration and social exchange, we create ideal conditions for a healthy office.

Flexible working methods demand sensible office structures – for the well-being and efficiency of your employees.



When sounds become noise, they affect our ability to concentrate and become irritating. To work efficiently, employees need office zones with varying degrees of soundproofing, depending on their work. Our sound-absorbing NeoTex surfaces (add-on walls, cabinets, baffles) make an important contribution to an acoustically agreeable environment. Completely shielded room-in-room solutions enable highly concentrated work or meetings, whether physical or digital, without acoustically disturbing the surroundings.


We move too little and sit too much. Poor posture combined with inadequate amounts of movement at the workplace, both in the office and in the home office, adversely affects the health and well-being of employees. An ergonomically designed workstation that supports an upright posture and is eye-friendly is the basis of a healthy office. With our sitting/standing workstations, we ensure that your employees sit less and thus reduce the strain on their backs. In addition, we create incentives with agile working environments to change working positions more often and, for example, to hold meetings while standing.


Hygiene is an omnipresent topic due to the current pandemic. Basic measures, such as washing hands, maintaining distances and reducing contact, will protect your employees. With office furnishings, we can contribute to the implementation of your individual hygiene measures through screening and the planning of walkways.

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